This Barnyard Nursery is the Definition of ‘Starting Them Young’

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These parents wanted to create a unique nursery for their baby on the way, and that they did with this barnyard nursery.

On Instructables, one very proud papa posted a DIY renovation of a plain bedroom turned incredible barnyard nursery for his baby on the way. As he wrote in the description, “For our first son I got to dream up, design, and complete his nursery.” This nursery project was hunting-themed, with “a cinnamon grizzly pelt on the wall with whitetail, mule deer, and elk racks.”

This barnyard nursery project was inspired by his wife’s idea of a cartoonish barn theme, with lots of animals and textures.

The painting was all done by family members, from his wife to the grandparents and aunts and uncles.

The room is very interactive, with an actual fence frame winding around the walls.

The murals are fantastic and are sure to inspire incredible dreams for Ty.

The doting dad says in the description that he “does not deserve credit on the project, it was my amazing wife’s idea.” Regardless, it takes two to tango and a whole family to raise a child. Ty seems like he is in brilliant hands.