This Massive Texas Longhorn (From Kansas) Is a World Record Holder

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“Lazy J’s Bluegrass,” a Texas longhorn, from Greenleaf, Kansas, isn’t the biggest steer on the planet, but he does sport record-setting headgear.

His horns measure a whopping 297.8 cm, earning a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records for longest horn spread on a steer.

“Bluegrass” lives on a farm in Kansas with owner Joseph Sedlacek, a professional steer breeder. The massive bovine’s horns may look menacing, but Sedlacek says Bluegrass is really just a “gentle giant” in the pasture. His best bud is another monster steer named “Festes”.

How does a steer get horns like that? Years of careful breeding. Bluegrass’s mom and dad’s both had extreme horn spreads, and their families did too.

See more of the gentle giant in the video below.