Protect Your Backyard From Ticks With These Basic Tips

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The list of tick-borne diseases in American on the CDC website is enough to make your head spin. According to, Texans should look out for “Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Ehrlichiosis and Relapsing Fever” in particular, all of which have flu-like symptoms and begin to wreak havoc on a person’s body after they’re bitten by an infected tick. They warn that while each is treatable, if no medical attention is sought, there can be dire consequences.

Since ticks are obviously bad news, ABC 13 compiled a list of tips on how to keep these antennae-less, small, brown insects out of your yard. Cedar oil treatments sprayed onto the yard can help kill the ticks that are already making themselves at home and prevent new ones from moving in.

Keep your grass short, pick up and dispose of piles of leaves, and make sure no low tree branches (18″ or less from the ground) are providing perfectly shaded areas for ticks to flourish.

Also, using wood chips or bark, making a “mulch moat” around your property can be extremely helpful. “Ticks really prefer densely wooded areas over open grass. So running a border of mulch around your property creates one more physical barrier for them,” Consumer Reports Home Editor Paul Hope says.

Last, but not least, arm yourself with DEET!