See This Time-Lapse Milky Way Video from Brazos River to Experience Complete Awe

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If you’ve ever wondered what the stars at night in Texas really do look like, then take a peek at Stephanie Matney’s time-lapse video of the Milky Way over the Brazos River. Stephanie posted the video to her YouTube channel in 2011, complete with camera equipment details for the avid filmographer/photographer. She coupled the video with a peaceful instrumental soundtrack, but to be honest, the scenery is so soothing in itself, the music may not have even been necessary!

Situated below Possum Kingdom Dam, in Palo Pinto County, Texas, Stephanie’s epic filming of the Texas night skies from her campsite perspective is a wonderful look at what takes place overhead while we’re normally fast asleep. The beauty and detail of the star rotation can clearly be seen through her camera lens, and the flicker of places far beyond our reach or even time concept is wonderful to watch. For as far back as many can remember, man has looked up at the night skies in amazement at their beauty, written countless songs and legends about celestial bodies, and studied for centuries to learn more about what’s overhead. While modern day light pollution can make it difficult to see the stars in most cities, there are still great places in Texas where this bewitching beauty can still be gazed upon.

The stunning night stars that Stephanie filmed in time-lapse mode for us to be able to watch in a few blinks of the eye are seen in such clarity it’s amazing. Texas has had several spots given dark sky designations for legitimate star gazing appeal, but the Brazos River, in particular, clearly offers up a superb stargazing location. Perhaps when you have some time, you too can select a star gazing starting point to explore the universe from Texas!