This Tiny House on Wheels is Impossibly Dreamy

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Tony Maples Photography


The exterior of this tiny house on wheels leaves a lot to be desired. Found on Tiny House Swoon and built by Patrick Romero, the outside of the mini-home from Sandy, Utah doesn’t look like it has a lot going for it. Sure, the paint job looks great, but what makes it so special?

Pop-up Tiny House exterior

Tiny House Swoon/Patrick Romero

Well, just wait until you see the inside of this pop-up home. It’s only 192-square-feet, but the interior is impossibly dreamy and trendy. The white walls, ceilings and trim make for a clean and open look. Pop-out skylights and walls lined with windows let light flow freely into the tiny space.

Tiny House on wheels interior

Tiny House Swoon/Patrick Romero

The little loft has enough room for two beds and while the space is small, it doesn’t feel cramped. Modern lighting and a monochromatic color scheme give it an ultra-modern touch.

Tiny House on Wheels

Tony House Swoon/Patrick Romero

No space goes to waste in this home! The couch even pulls out to create a third bed.

Tiny House Swoon/Patrick Romero

Tiny House Swoon/Patrick Romero

The bathroom is the best part. It has its own sitting area and entrance so that it can double as a mudroom.

Tiny House on Wheels bathroom

Tiny House Swoon/Patrick Romero

Tiny House on Wheels Bathroom

Tiny House Swoon/Patrick Romero

Does this dreamy pop-up home on wheels have you ready to move into a tiny house of your own?