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Tips for Bluebonnet Sight-Seeing (Minus the Critters)

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Although it’s tempting this time of year to pull over along our beautiful highways and byways to traipse through the wildflowers (especially the bluebonnets), snap a photo, take the perfect Texas selfie, or simply meander in their midst, make sure to be cognizant of the Crotalus Lupinus (Texas Bluebonnet Rattlesnake). This serpent is hard to detect among the iconic state flowers—its namesake native species—due to what appears to be its ability to adapt to its natural surroundings. Don’t let this take the bloom off your spring wildflower experiences. When planning any upcoming tour of the countryside to enjoy fields of seasonal flowers in full bloom, keep your eyes peeled for the Texas Bluebonnet Rattlesnake, although its natural camouflage might be the last thing you see.

Tips for Bluebonnet Sight-Seeing (Minus the Critters)

Photo: Texas Media Group

Just kidding.

There is no such thing as a Texas Bluebonnet Rattlesnake. It was originally reported as an April Fool’s Day concept in the spring of 2014 on the TexasHillCountry.com Facebook page. With the intent of drawing attention to the issue of critters and snakes that truly do reside among the wildflowers in Texas, the story caught on, created a buzz, and even made the national Snopes.com hoax site. We had you going there for a minute, didn’t we? That being said, those who do take the opportunity to pose with or pick bluebonnets this spring should definitely remain vigilant for the creatures that call our native flora home.

Ironically, the same year that the false rattlesnake story hit the internet, so too did a set of safety reminders which was prepared by the Texas Department of Public Safety with respect to anyone wishing to get their best Texas family portraits done or simply pose among area bluebonnet hot spots. Although they might seem like common sense concepts, it doesn’t hurt to share a refresher of this information, because the more you know… So, here is a little PSA to get you through this spring’s beautiful wildflower season without issue.

Tips for Bluebonnet Sight-Seeing (Minus the Critters)
Photo: Pexels

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