Tips for Making No-Fail Sausage Gravy: Don’t Overthink This

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When it comes to country cooking, here in Texas we’ve elevated it to an art form. With that, however, we’re always willing to share some tips. This year, The Hillbilly Kitchen – Down Home Country Cooking YouTube channel shared some tips and tricks to making no-fail sausage gravy. If you’ve ever tried making a batch and were unsure whether you hit the nail on the head, then this is the video you want to pay attention to!

In just over 14 minutes, the video below will teach you some of the ins and outs of creating “the perfect sausage breakfast gravy.” Showing techniques which have been used for ages, it teaches timeless steps that can’t be overlooked when you seek gravy perfection! According to the video caption, “Once you know how to make your own gravy, that stuff in a package, or from chain restaurants will never be good enough for breakfast again.”

Video: YouTube/The Hillbilly Kitchen – Down Home Country Cooking

Having homemade biscuits with your breakfast is a treat denied to many who are unsure how to make them or how early to prepare for eating. Those who have become familiar with their own recipes and timing (or have even made biscuits from canned dough) are fully aware that the thing that sets their breakfast apart from any other meal is that of a perfect sausage breakfast gravy.

The Hillbilly Kitchen – Down Home Country Cooking YouTube channel has also gone to the extent of sharing the full ingredient listing on their video post. If you’re looking for more cooking tips, they’ve also shared links for their prior recipe posts. A lot of people seem to overthink the process of making sausage gravy, when truly it can be one of the easiest parts of a breakfast you will ever make. There are even those who dress their versions up, in an effort to raise the dish to a level they believe makes it more worthy of being enjoyed, but the beautiful thing about it is the great flavor it takes from the sausage. Regardless of how you make your biscuits, tips for the perfect sausage gravy are never a bad thing!