Top 5 Most Haunted Cemeteries in the State of Texas

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Said to be one of Austin’s most beautiful yet most haunted cemeteries, Oakwood Cemetery and the Oakwood Annex Cemetery hold the graves of one of the very few that survived the Alamo, Susannah Wilkerson Dickinson, as well as 1880s Austin city marshal Ben Thompson. Whether the property is, in fact, haunted has yet to be proven, because the gates are locked each night at dusk. However, visitors along its exterior can try to capture evidence of spooky sightings on camera by filming or taking photos through its fence bars.

5. Baby Head

Top 5 Most Haunted Cemeteries in Texas

Photo: Flickr/Anita Dalton

Baby Head has a name that’s eerie enough on its own, let alone learning it’s attached to a Texas cemetery. It’s is located approximately 10 miles north of Llano, in the Texas Hill Country, and marks only a ghost town of sorts. The spooky moniker was procured when an infant’s skull was discovered on the land (also referred to as Baby Head Mountain). A town had developed at the site, and circa 1879, it grew to house a school, a post office, and a few businesses. But by 1968, only 20 residents called it home. All that remains today is a historical marker and the town cemetery. To say that this would likely count among the top five most haunted cemeteries in Texas would almost be an understatement.

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