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5 Top-Rated Texas Tourist Attractions You’ve Got to Visit Now

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Situated in the Texas Hill Country, the remarkable Natural Bridge Caverns are just part of an immense underground network consisting of over 10K diverse stalactite formations. It’s the largest of its type of tourist attraction in America. Natural Bridge Caverns takes its name from the 60-foot limestone bridge that spans its entrance. It boasts some truly amazing features as well as a variety of activities, including themed tours and a climbing adventure in the trees on the property, using platforms, zip lines, and ropeways.

4. The Alamo

5 Top-Rated Texas Tourist Attractions You've Got to Visit Now

Photo: Wikimedia/Nuggehalli2015

Famous for its role in the Texas War of Independence, the Alamo is part of a mission that was established in 1718. Constructed in 1744, it was turned into a fort by 1836, in which, against overwhelming odds, a small force of defenders barricaded themselves. Their defeat after a fight to the death at the hands of the Mexican army served to rally the state. Today, the Alamo is one of the top-rated Texas tourist attractions, which is visited by more than 2.5 million people each year. It’s a landmark which is emotionally moving, and its restoration commemorates those fallen Texans who gave their lives there.

5. Space Center Houston

5 Top-Rated Texas Tourist Attractions You've Got to Visit Now

Photo: NASA

Space Center Houston is not only one of the top-rated Texas tourist attractions, but it’s also the visitor’s center of NASA’s Johnson Space Center. It’s an impressive location from which to gain insight into America’s space program, including models, exhibits, artifacts, and films. Visitors also have the opportunity to dress up as an astronaut and even meet one at scheduled appearances! Other highlights include seeing real rockets and experiencing a space simulator.

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