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Toyota Texas Develops $1 Million Visitor Center and Pollinator Garden

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The Texas Toyota Visitors Center has recently had a $1 million investment, which has led to the development of a pollinator garden totaling 11,000 square feet, situated directly across the road at the San Antonio Zoo. Toyota’s environmental team has been working on the project with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department together with zoo staff to ensure the garden features native plant species which will attract butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds.

Having approximately 250 plants, this Texas Hill Country treasure will be the first of several pollinator gardens that Toyota plans to develop in Texas, including plots at six San Antonio high schools. “We want people to know that planting just one plant that pollinators enjoy helps,” explained Rob Franklin, environmental director at Toyota Texas. “This garden is part of our commitment to protecting biodiversity and supporting local species, here in Texas and at our facilities across North America.”

Toyota Texas Develops $1 Million Visitor Center and Pollinator Garden

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In conjunction with the garden development, Toyota plans to pair educational resources and programs for high school students so that they have the ability to learn the relevance of pollinators in our ecosystem. This isn’t a first for a carmaker, but it is the first time a company like Toyota has taken such steps in Texas. Throughout Europe, Porsche has stepped into the environmental circle, taking an active role in beekeeping by introducing close to 3 million bees to a nature area consisting of 132 hectares.