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TPWD Starts Off New Year With Group Hiking Across 95 Parks

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For the past six years, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has encouraged Texans to get out on New Year’s Day and go on a hike. This year, 95 parks across the state held official group hikes through various Texas landscapes.

Interpretative Ranger Kate Saling told the Herald Democrat, “People like the tradition; we want to start the New Year off right. Many people make resolutions including health, connecting with nature and spending time with family. This is a great way to do all three.”

The majority of the hiking routes are one to two miles long, but shorter and longer options can be found to measure up to one’s energy level post-New Years Eve celebrations. Guides are available at most locations to lead participants through the hike and point out interesting tidbits about the land’s history, native plants, and perhaps small animals and birds.

For those who are night owls, six parks held midnight walks the night before so people could ring in the New Year out in nature.

Even though your official opportunity for this year’s First Day Hike has passed, click here to see participating parks and go ahead and save the date on your calendar for next year.