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Truck Unknowingly Crashes Into Highway Sign Along Texas Road

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In the wake of Harvey news, you might have missed this strange and scary happening along the East Loop near Market Street in Houston. ABC 13 reports that a big rig unknowingly had its huge bucket raised, so when the truck approached the large highway sign notating the exit for I-10, it barreled into the large green signs and pulled all of the scaffolding down with it.

One man and his passenger filmed while the event took place. They noticed that the bucket was raised, and tried to signal to the truck that something was wrong. Unfortunately, the driver didn’t notice. Carlos Escobedo uploaded the video to his Facebook page on August 24th where it’s gained over 22 million views. He has since uploaded the video on YouTube where it has garnered well over 1.3 million views. Some have criticized the men for not stopping to help the driver once the crash takes place, but others defend their shocked reaction saying that many others witnessed the accident, and they were nearly part of it themselves.

Warning: The language in the video below is probably what you’d expect from seeing a truck take out a highway sign right in front of you, but it may not be suitable for all viewers.