Pardoning Ceremony Turkeys Stay in Their Own Hotel Room

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Drumstick and Wishbone are currently housed at the Willard Intercontinental Hotel where The Hill writes that the rooms vary in price between $200 to $3,500 a night. These two turkeys are living the VIP lifestyle (paid for by The National Turkey Federation) because they’ve been chosen as presidential pardons for this year’s Thanksgiving pardoning ceremony.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of this strange, but entertaining, tradition. Only one of the two turkeys will be chosen for the ceremony. Right now, the White House Instagram page is asking people to vote on which will be chosen, but the Chicago Tribune suggests that it might come down to which is the most well-behaved that day. “They’re just very easily entertained. They just want to go everywhere and see everything and explore… They love anything shiny, or even the ends of shoelaces, which are a little shiny,” said 16-year-old Christina Kuismi, one of the five Douglas County 4-H members who assisted White House officials with the turkeys.

Regardless of who is chosen, both Drumstick and Wishbone will live out the rest of their lives (which will most likely only be another year or so) at “Gobbler’s Rest” on Virginia Tech’s campus. Not quite the luxury of the Willard Intercontinental, but still a very fine arrangement.