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How to Turn Your Rusty Old Grill into a Backyard Garden

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Grills are the center of the kitchen during the summertime, so don’t abandon your old one covered in rust. Make it the centerpiece of your backyard garden.

This DIY project, which comes complete with full steps on Instructables, is an awesome way to rescue your old grill that you haven’t been able to throw out since purchasing a shiny new one. The user found an old grill while dumpster diving, looking for treasures for craft projects.

The dilapidated grill was almost useless as a grill when she found it, but that didn’t stop her from thinking outside of the box, literally. The first step in converting the grill was to clean up as much rust as she possibly could and spray on enamel afterwards.

She chose a black enamel spray so that the planter would draw as much light as possible. The next step requires much less elbow grease. Gather your planting supplies. If you’ve gardened before, you have a good grasp on what you’ll need, but if not, you’ll need a bag of stones to help with drainage, a spade, soil, and plants.

She included jalapeño and poblano pepper plants in her planter, with a morning glory planted at the base to cover up the four legs. Overall, it’s a stunning and easy DIY project.