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Large Vacant Home Left in the Middle of a Street in Austin

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On Friday night, a moving company called Austin Home Movers ran into a thousand-square-foot problem. While they were moving a home from one lot on Live Oak to another, the house got stuck in the middle of a residential street due to telephone poles, trees and a fire hydrant in its path. As of early Monday morning, the house was still frozen in place.

Once they realized it was stuck, movers panicked and began trying to make way for the house. According to KEYE, resident Johnathan Byrd heard chainsaws around 2 a.m. He went outside and saw a worker trying to cut tree limbs in an attempt to get the house through.

“I thought he was going to die honestly. It was crazy. He was up there with a chain saw, cutting off a branch, climbing under power wires. It was insane,” Byrd told the news.

The movers continued tearing up plants, cutting trees and messing with cable lines until 10 a.m. when they realized it wasn’t going to budge. Perhaps their panic was due to the fact they didn’t have a permit to move the home.

Obviously, residents surrounding the house aren’t thrilled with the situation that has brought people from all over Austin to gawk at the absurd sight. The City of Austin says that the movers must get “a permit from the city, proof of insurance, and proof of a bond” before moving the house from the blocked street.