WWII Veteran’s Remains Return Home for Burial After 71 Years

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A Houstonian World War II pilot waited 71 years to return home for burial to the home country that he died defending.

Judson B. Baskett was an Army Air Forces Flight Officer who was set to fly from Singapore to Butterworth, Malaysia on August 12, 1945, but he never made his destination. The last recorded information from Baskett and his crew was their location an hour into the flight.

Officials searched for the lost aircraft in 1946 but were unable to locate it due to the density of the jungle. Around 1966, the Malaysian Ministry of Defense found the possible crash site, but it was not until 2015 that Malaysian and American officials investigated and discovered remains of the crew members.

Breitbart Texas reports, “The DPAA [Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency] used dental records and anthropological analyses to match Baskett’s military records. Other circumstantial and material evidence helped investigators determine they had found the remains of Flight Officer Baskett.”

His casket was flown to George Bush Intercontinental Airport, draped with a flag and escorted by police and an Army honor guard. Flight Officer Baskett finally received full military honors at his burial in Houston, which took place after seventy-one years and 10,000 miles. Hopefully, his family will find peace and closure now that he has returned home.