Video: See a Baby Giraffe Birth in the Texas Hill Country

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Tony Maples Photography


Y.O. Ranch Headquarters, located in Mountain Home, Texas, recently welcomed a baby giraffe to its family. The calf was born on April 27, 2019, to mother giraffe Bella. The birth added to the species which has seen a marked population decline by approximately 80% over the past 15 years. For those of you who are yet unfamiliar with the exciting experience, the property was able to capture the birth in a video, available below for viewing!

Shared on the Y.O. Ranch Headquarters YouTube channel, the birth of the yet unnamed giraffe calf in the Texas Hill Country shows each moving moment. Bella gave birth, like all of her kind do, while standing up. The footage shows the newborn giraffe coming out head first and then falling to the ground. Her mother cleans her off (yes, it’s a girl!), and the video captures the baby standing up on its own legs for the very first time. Following that, two other giraffes from the Y.O. Ranch Headquarters herd come into view to see the calf.

Video: YouTube/Y.O. Ranch Headquarters

Visitors are welcomed at the property to catch a glimpse of this newest member of their flock. Debbie Habebusch is the Director of Tourism at the Y.O. Ranch Headquarters. She explained to, “We offer wildlife tours daily where guests can view and photograph many different species of wildlife here on the ranch, some of which are critically endangered or extinct in their native land.” In addition to the animals that they care for, they offer beautiful cabin accommodations, hearty home-cooked meals, paintball, clay shooting, horseback riding, and so much more! On a total of more than 10K acres of Texas Hill Country property, this facility has made huge advances in turning their space into a Texas-sized destination worthy of your family’s visit. The chance to see a newborn baby giraffe in the process is simply the icing on the cake at this premiere wildlife experience!