Watch: Video of Rattlesnake Found Up in a Tree in Texas

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Shared on the Hunting Texas & Deer Leases Facebook page, a video of a rather large rattlesnake up in the top of a tree has stirred up some discussion about how or why it would be there. The video has over 3K shares and 142 comments from everything such as a simple tag to a possible explanation for the whereabouts of the snake. Either way, there is also plenty of talk about what their reactions would be had they encountered such an instance in real life. The link to that video is available here.

Watch: Video of Rattlesnake Found Up in a Tree in Texas

Photo: @bkenney_ via Twenty20

In an equally intimidating video (for those who have a healthy fear of snakes), captured in 2018, a 5-to-6-foot-long rattlesnake was seen doing a dance up in a tree. The story and video were shared by the Star-Telegram, in which this haunting scenario is detailed. A hunting scout saw the serpent out of the corner of his eye, while he originally was trained on the ground, looking for the very same thing. Having accidentally come upon one in a prior incident, he was trying to ensure he wasn’t caught off guard again. Little did he know that rattlesnakes can climb trees.

Video: Facebook/Casey N Clint Carroll

And here’s another video of a rattlesnake in a tree!

Although it’s rare for a snake such as this to climb a tree, Ecologist P.J. Perea, of the University of Georgia’s Savannah River Ecology Laboratory explained to press at the time of the 2018 incident that snakes are “opportunistic” predators. They could be up in the trees in search of eggs or baby birds to feast on.

The whys and hows in this video may remain a mystery, but the truth behind both is easily gleaned from the fact that a rattlesnake can climb a tree. As frightening a sight as this may be, it will definitely make people think twice about taking shade under a nearby tree in Texas anytime soon.