Viral Video Gives a Glimpse of Motherhood in 34 Seconds

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Gardner Quad Squad uploaded a video titled “SUMS UP MOTHERHOOD IN 34 SECONDS” on January 3rd, and the post already has over 2.2 million views on YouTube. The video shows that motherhood requires more than love, good intentions and patience. It also requires scheming up moments of solitude where one can chow down on a Twizzlers.

As the mom in the video eats a sugary snack, she admits she’s hiding in the pantry so she doesn’t have to share. Of course, her hiding spot doesn’t fool her kids one bit. “Most parents just use the bathroom cause there’s a lock on the door… but hey you go where you need to haha,” YouTube user droptozro commented on the post.

The video is only a true “summary” of motherhood because it’s more than a parent sneaking a moment to themselves, it’s also a goodhearted display of humor during a day in the life of a parent. She isn’t terribly upset that her little girl is peeking at her from under the pantry door, she finds a laugh at the situation and simply acknowledges that sometimes parents want a treat without sharing. But that doesn’t mean that her kiddos don’t have a treat coming their way soon.