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Waffle House Robbed in DeSoto, Robber Stopped by Customer

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On Thursday, July 7, 2016 at around 2:30 a.m., a man walked into a Waffle House of I-35 in DeSoto, Texas with an AK-47 rifle. What the robber didn’t take into account is that Waffle House allows licensed gun carriers to carry their weapons into the restaurant.

Waffle HousePhoto: Michael Fajardo

According to FOX 4, the man robbed several customers and walked out the door to make his getaway, but was stopped in his tracks by a customer who followed him out. The customer was fearful that the robber would harm his wife, who was coming to the Waffle House, or other customers. He called out to the robber, and when the robber turned and raised his gun, the customer, being a hand gun license holder, shot the robber several times outside of the restaurant. The police were called and the robber taken to the hospital. He is currently on life support. The customer was not arrested.

The police are asking for the public’s help. They have been unable to identify the suspect, and are asking anyone who may know him to call the Desoto Police at 469-658-3000 or 972-223-6111. He is a 25 or 26 year-old African American male. He is between 6’1″ and 6’2″, between 180 – 190 lbs., and has numerous tattoos.