Take a Front Row Seat to Watch People Ride the Slingshot

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SlingShot rides are located in amusement parks across America. Cedar Point in Ohio says their SlingShot reaches a height of 360 feet at 62 miles per hour. Their website states, “SlingShot uses the Earth’s pull to power your thrills and bounce you up and down to simulate weightlessness…you’ll spin and tumble for what feels like an eternity.” Six Flags says that their SlingShot will “stretch you like a rubber band, catapult you to extreme heights, and hurl you through the air at intense speeds,” and boasts that their ride will fling participants at 100 miles per hour.

For non-thrill seekers, the ride seems like absolute torture, but many people are willing to hurl themselves up into the air in a two-person cage while on camera, and that’s how a series of six compilation videos on YouTube were formed. These videos put together by YouTube channel WOWZA, show people screaming hysterically, fainting, laughing, and bonding over the ridiculous ride they put themselves through.

The language may not be suitable for all viewers, which is perhaps to be expected when being hurled into the air at an insane rate of speed. Watch the first of the numerous compilations videos below.