Watch Who This Tree Attracts Throughout a Calendar Year

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A new video titled “Un Albero, Un Anno” (or “One Tree, One Year,” in English) only runs for about 2 minutes and 40 seconds, but within that short amount of time, viewers can see an amazing variety of creatures who visit one little area of an Italian national park.

The busy forested area that park officials filmed for a year is located in the Apennines mountains. World Atlas says, “They are no longer as heavily forested as in the past, as most of the slopes had been harvested over the centuries. Modern conservation and reforestation methods have really helped, and much of the new-growth is now protected by law. These beautiful and rugged mountains are famed for their numerous railroad tunnels and highway passes, quaint villages, and by the storybook Appian Way.”

Right now, the official video uploaded by Parco Abruzzo on June 27th only has about 60,000 views, so you can share the video before it goes viral. Animal lovers will enjoy trying to guess which creature will meander through the frame next, and Central Texans will marvel at the obvious change in the four seasons. You can even see a change in the length of the animals’ coats in colder weather.