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Texans Fan Gets JJ Watt’s Face and Tattooed on Her Arm

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Kimberly Cannon is a huge Texans and JJ Watt fan, and anyone who takes a look at her left forearm knows it. Cannon has a full-color portrait tattoo of the player, and now, she has his autograph to complete the piece. According to ABC 13, “…she got the tattoo as a way to help her brother-in-law build a celebrity tattoo portfolio at Hitlist Ink Studio.”

In a video tweet on Monday after the Texans had an open practice, the @HoustonTexans twitter account posted a 30-second clip of Cannon excitedly getting Watt to sign below her portrait tattoo, so she could get his signature permanently inked on her body, as well.

Cannon isn’t the first to make headlines in local news for getting a tattoo of JJ Watt’s face. In a video posted by Fox 26 Houston last August, another woman sat through a 6+ hour tattoo to proudly sport a full-color portrait of her favorite player on her thigh. There’s no word as to whether or not she’s been able to add a signature to her Watt tat.