Take A Weekend Trip Where You Won’t Know Your Destination Until You Leave

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Planning a weekend getaway can be a pain. Figuring out where to stay, how to get there, and your exact itinerary is time consuming and sucks the fun out of the spontaneity some people crave when they travel. So a new company, appropriately called Pack Up + Go has decided to take the work out of travel. After you complete a relatively short questionnaire and send payment to Pack Up + Go, a few days before your trip dates, you’ll receive an exciting packet of papers in the mail. Within the packet is all of your trip info, already done for you, and a piece of paper that finally reveals where you’ll be going! You won’t know until you go!

In a video by Circa, the host tries out the Pack Up + Go experience. She receives info on the weather in the city in which she’ll be traveling so she could pack the appropriate clothes, but there were no other clues about her destination. On the morning of her flight, she pulled out the piece of paper with the big reveal that she was headed to Portland, Oregon, complete with a hotel stay, suggested itinerary, and restaurant recommendations.

Pack Up + Go takes on solo travelers, couples, families, or groups of friends. Their services can be especially helpful for friends traveling from different cities who don’t want to figure out the logistics, or perhaps can’t agree on where to go! Find out more here.