Weird Texas Laws You Should Avoid Breaking and One That You Can

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Throughout its history, Texans have told some pretty tall tales, but these weird Texas laws are entirely true and still in effect today. Often, the reasons behind the laws passed into history while the lawmakers never repealed the weird laws. Make sure you watch your step around the state to avoid breaking these unusual rules.

No Wire Cutters in Austin

Wire Cutters are Part of One of the Weird Texas Laws

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Apparently, this law in Austin that prohibits carrying wire cutters remains from the days of the Wild West. When barbed wire fences were still new, keeping a pair of wire cutters on your person typically meant that you intended to cut through fences and trespass.

Hold It on Your Alamo Visit

Among the Weird Texas Laws is a Highly Specific One Preventing People from Urinating on the Alamo

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

When you visit the Alamo, make sure you go before you go. It is illegal to urinate on the Alamo structure. This law, while specific, does help to preserve this historic site for future generations. Human waste smells and is difficult to clean. So, if you have to go, please use the restrooms at the Alamo and not the side of the building. In fact, singer Ozzy Osbourne was banned from the Alamo for just such an act.

Atheists Not Welcome?

One of the Weird Texas Laws Prohibits Atheists from Public Office

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

In Section 4 of the Texas Constitution, it states that no one will be subject to a religious test to hold public office, provided the person acknowledges some type of supreme being. Though atheists do not constitute a majority of the population, this law would exclude them from holding office in Texas.

Keep Your Organs

Human eyes cannot be bought or sold in Texas nor can other organs

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

According to Texas Penal Code, you cannot sell your organs or buy another’s. Don’t worry, though. If you need an organ transplant, the law allows for you to get one as long as you only pay for the doctor’s fees and not for the organ itself. You can, however, sell your blood, hair, or blood plasma, if you need to make some extra cash.

The Three Sips You’re Out Myth

Drinking Beer While Standing is Perfectly Legal in Texas


Allegedly, Texas has a law against drinking more than three sips of beer while standing. This, though, never actually made it into the books. In Texas, this never has been, nor is it currently a law. This is one of the many myths you will find among weird Texas laws. So, drink up while standing up. You won’t be arrested for it unless you reach the point of public intoxication or you drive while drunk.