What is ‘ Voluntourism ’ at Thanksgiving?

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Established in 1977, the Hill Country Youth Ranch is a non-profit charitable corporation licensed by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services to provide long-term therapeutic care for abused and orphaned children at all levels of trauma and need. It operates 3 campuses located in Texas Hill Country, northwest of San Antonio, which offer family-style homes, charter schools with grades Kindergarten through twelve, recreational facilities, and spacious grounds. The school’s intent is to provide a broad continuum of services on an individualized basis, including but not limited to:

  • Residential treatment for severely traumatized children,
  • Family care for those who have stabilized,
  • Transitional living for young adults; and,
  • Life-long family-based support for alumni.

Volunteers for the school and the services and special events it provides are always welcomed. As well, gifts in kind and donations of direct funding can be made to each of the campuses. To enquire about volunteering or donating, please visit the Hill Country Youth Ranch website at

Though a small sampling of the many opportunities within Texas Hill Country for giving of your time or otherwise over the Thanksgiving holidays, there are so many worthwhile causes, groups and direct beneficiaries of your much-needed support. Research and study your options and perhaps try a Thanksgiving ‘voluntourism’ opportunity in Hill Country or beyond! The best gift you can give is your time, and often, that is what’s truly needed.

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