‘Whataphoto’ Takes the Cake (Or Is It Taquito?) for a Texas Birth Announcement!

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Waiting for the birth of your baby can bring a tidal wave of emotions and planning, from baby showers to nursery ideas. One concept that many soon-to-be parents are super excited about these days is the birth announcement. That’s because many very creative companies have come up with wonderful concepts, brilliant notices, and fun ideas and filters that make taking baby’s first photos pretty exciting. Some even bring their favorite fast-food places into the mix.

Whataphoto Takes the Cake (Or Is It Taquito?) For a Texas Birth Announcement!

Photo: Facebook/Texas Humor

That’s what happened when a Texas family’s love of their baby, their state, and Whataburger collided, making for a hilarious baby photo shoot concept that was picked up by a number of social media companies, including Texas Humor’s Facebook page. Carolyn Finger, a San Antonio photographer, took the photo of John and Jenae Salazar’s newborn baby, Carter, who was born July 29, 2015.

Whataphoto Takes the Cake (Or Is It Taquito?) For a Texas Birth Announcement!

Photo: Facebook/Whataburger

Swaddled in a yellow wrapper and laying on a Whataburger tray, not to mention all the trimmings (including completely cool birth date laid out in iconic Whataburger table tents), Cater Salazar became a “Whatababy”! And whataphoto it is. This is the photo that the parents would send to their friends and family announcing the birth of their little one, and the good news for the new parents is that Carolyn Finger has her “Finger” on the pulse of trends in Texas birth announcements. What a great way to celebrate the Salazar’s bundle of joy!


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