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What’s YOUR Big Bend Story? Explore Real Texas Beauty

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Tell Us YOUR Big Bend Story

What’s YOUR Big Bend Story? Explore Real Texas Beauty

Photo by Mike Lewis and David Cain – Big Bend Camp at Sunset

The Big Bend is spectacular but hard. The sun is merciless, the plants all have sharp points, there isn’t much dirt, distances are long, towns few and far between. Locals say, “We only get 10 inches of rain each year, and you ought to be here the day we get it!” If you are thinking of adventuring off the road, consider reading “Death in Big Bend: True Stories of Death & Rescue in the Big Bend National Park” by Laurence Parent before you go. Plan your trip carefully; accommodations for visitors are limited, and campsites and hotel rooms fill up in the very popular week between Christmas and New Year. Fort Davis, Marfa, Alpine, Marathon, Lajitas, Terlingua, Big Bend Ranch State Park, Big Bend National Park – these are the whole ‘nuther part of Texas. What is YOUR Big Bend story?

Originally published in the Winter Issue of Heart of Texas Magazine.

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