Whiskey Caramel Apples: An Oaky Version of a Fall Time Treat

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Although caramel apples are characteristically a children’s treat, this sometimes-seasonal delicacy can have an adult twist that you might find fascinating, warm, and boozy! The caramel sauce that’s used in this version has a consistency which is perfect, and a unique bite to it thanks to one of our favorite sipping pleasures, which can be purchased from one of your beloved Lone Star State distillers.

Shared by Thrillist, this recipe makes good use of your slow cooker (if you have one). This gooey, homemade specialty may take some time, but it’s well worth it in the end. Adding Texas whiskey to the mix makes this sweet and often buttery-like snack into a sinfully delicious indulgence.

And, the fun doesn’t have to end there. There are endless treats you can add after having dipped the apples, such as chopped pecans (which are actually applied to the apples in this case), salted peanuts, and different drizzles (what about a cola reduction as a drizzle…since you’re using whiskey in the caramel? Just a thought.) Don’t be afraid to get creative, although for some, the creative process may end simply at adding the alcohol to the recipe, and that’s perfectly “…alright, alright, alright!”

Whiskey Caramel Apples

Whiskey Caramel Apples: An Oaky Version of a Fall Time Treat


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For full directions and ingredient list on this recipe, visit the Thrillist website link provided here, and get ready to enjoy a treat that was designed with you in mind!