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Watch: White Protesters Surround and Taunt Black Texas State Trooper

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On Thursday, June 4, 2020, during protests regarding the killing of George Floyd, some tense confrontations took place in Austin. Protesters clashed with members of the Austin Police Department as well as Texas State Troopers outside the department headquarters, as well as the Texas Capitol Building. Video showing what appears to be white protesters mobbing a black Texas State Trooper and tormenting him has recently gone viral.

When the demonstration escalated, some protesters encircled a black Texas state trooper outside the Texas Capitol Building, which can be seen in the video posted below. In the process, a number of people made efforts to take a backpack in his possession. The group taunted and berated the officer, hurling racist slurs in the process. One of those harassing the officer in the video called him “Uncle Tom.”

Video: Twitter/@jada_479

Added protest actions and tensions in Texas have been reported by theBlaze.com, citing details of an additional incident in the Texas Hill Country as well as in McAllen, where reportedly another viral video has been released of protesters being threatened by chainsaw. The Texas Tribune also covered protest incidents in Austin, Houston, and Dallas.

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