Whitetail Deer Having Red-Letter Year in the Lone Star State

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Cain further went on to explain deer population estimates for 2019 and hunter success rates for 2018 by region of Texas in an interview found here. Based on his report, the Edwards Plateau has an estimated 2.4 million deer, more than any other geographical part of Texas. He said that there’s a strong showing of 6.5-year-old bucks, and Llano and Mason counties (the Hill Country area) support the majority of them. Points in between Del Rio to Junction to Ozona, in addition to Hondo to Del Rio, are ripe with bigger bucks. To assist the lesser deer populations, he encourages hunters to make use of their antlerless deer tags. This will help put the buck/doe ratios on a more level playing field as well as improve the area habitat. It was of particular note that hunter success rates for last year’s season were approximately 78 percent.

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