Video Shows Group of Wild Hogs Running Around Abilene

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Tony Maples Photography


Feral hog stories often make the news – remember when it became legal to shoot them from a helicopter and a business called HeliBacon began? Despite the numerous news stories and tales of woe of hogs tearing up peoples’ properties, many Texans in urban areas haven’t gotten a good look at these pigs in real life, so seeing footage of a pack of wild hogs can be intriguing.

This week, KTAB News shared a video to their Facebook page taken by a man in Abilene, Texas. In the short clip, one can see a large group of wild pigs running across a road, bringing several drivers to a surprised stop. The video has already gained over 423K views and over 5K shares. Of course, there are hundreds of comments, as well, from people who are either itching to take their shot at the hogs, wanting to embrace them as a part of Texas’s wildlife, or those who are simply shocked by how fast they can move.

If the Facebook clip has you intrigued, there are plenty of videos on YouTube showing wild hogs in various parts of Texas – some even in Abilene, similar to this share. They’re none too friendly, as you’d expect, and scatter at the sound of a human voice.