Willie Nelson Expanding Willie’s Remedy Hemp Product Line

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Willie’s Remedy is now expanding the health and wellness product lineup belonging to Willie Nelson. New products and more access through retail outlets is ensuring the company’s fit among a growing market. In February 2019, we wrote about the hemp-infused coffee line the company was introducing, and word has it, a new, double-strength hemp-infused line of the beverage is being added. Not only that, but a Hemp Oil Tincture is being marketed.

The coffees are CBD-infused. Cannabidiol (CBD) comes from the hemp plant, but unlike marijuana, it’s not going to get you high. So, despite the scads of Willie-and-weed jokes that could abound, this is more like serious business. They’re sourced from Colombia farms, with the regular strength selection containing roughly 7 mg of CBD for each 8-ounce cup. The double-strength hemp-infused coffee, subsequently, has 15 mg in the same size serving. Nelson’s wife, Annie Nelson, manages the line. Recently, she stated in an interview with Rolling Stone, “There are no added chemicals, preservatives or binding agents — it’s a pure, plant-enriched coffee.”

Willie Nelson Expanding Willie’s Remedy Hemp Product Line

Photo: Facebook/Willie Nelson

In 2015, Nelson was first getting into the idea of launching his new business ventures, then focusing on the Willie’s Reserve brand. Now that changes in market availability have come about in some states, the singer and his family took the next step, launching the Willie’s Remedy health and wellness companion line featuring such products as the pending hemp oil tincture. This product comes in two strengths—10 and 25 mg options—and can be used as a food or drink additive or on its own. Early this year, Nelson’s career and vision were honored with a recorded-for-TV special featuring an all-star cast. The special is an A&E project and features the octogenarian performing a duet with his Texas country music counterpart, George Strait—a career first (among the many he’s had!) Other friends and performers on hand to celebrate his music were Kris Kristofferson, Sturgill Simpson, Emmylou Harris, and Eric Church. “Willie: Life & Songs of an American Outlaw” will be aired on A&E at a future date, and in the meantime, check out Willie’s Remedy online for more information on what’s being offered!