Willie Have a Wonderful Halloween Costume? Dang Strait!

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If you’re looking to channel your country and western side for Halloween, or your children happen to be huge fans of the genre (because hey, what good parent doesn’t make their children listen to country music?!), may I suggest a Texas icon that everyone will know? A costume that just might generate scads of candy? Try your hand at dressing as Willie Nelson or George Strait. Before you poo-poo this costume idea as not being cool or hip, hear me out…

Willie Have a Wonderful Halloween? Dang Strait

Photo: Facebook/George Strait

The signature style of Nelson as a country outlaw can’t be mistaken at Halloween. It’s not like your child will go door-to-door and ever hear the words, “And who are you supposed to be?” In fact, there may even be plenty of opportunities for a few good laughs, possibly some singing, and definitely some selfies! And dressing as George Strait? Is there really any question as to how cool this costume would be?! Some Wranglers, an awesome belt buckle, a cowboy hat, a GUITAR! Need I say more?

Willie Have a Wonderful Halloween? Dang Strait

Photo: Facebook/Easier2live

Willie Nelson has not only inspired a number of fans to follow in his fashion footsteps for Halloween but also some stars. For Halloween 2017, Jessica Simpson dressed as her Texas Hill Country hero while her husband, Eric Johnson, dressed up as Waylon Jennings! When you consider that Nelson’s signature bandana and braids alone can generate familiar imagery, this costume concept doesn’t seem all that hard to achieve. And a great George Strait costume can focus on an album cover, a movie image, or even one of his social media posts – there isn’t an unpopular one in the bunch!

Not only that, but both can likely be accomplished using several items you may already have at home. Jeans, a button-down, perhaps a t-shirt, and of course some cowboy boots if you like. For Willie, you could also use some makeup to replicate facial hair. And for George, you may even want to have a fake music award (or 20) to carry around. Are you seeing how cool this could be? You get the drift. So, if you’ve been frantically looking online for a great Halloween costume idea for yourself or your child, the search is over. Dress up in true Texas style!