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Friendswood Teen Wins $1000 For Solving a Riddle and Tracking Down a Key

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After solving a riddle, Alina Frey, 14, found a key inside of a book at the Meyer Branch Library that unlocked a prize of $1,000! ABC 13 reports that the exciting find was part of this summer’s Brain Chase game.

On the official Brain Chase website, they explain that the game is meant for kids in grades 2-8. Students choose from a list of subjects they want to tackle, from reading to coding to engineering, and their hard work eventually leads to a real-life treasure hunt.

In fact, the $1,000 prizes are just a warm up to the big buried treasure! All of the kids who found the $1,000 key will be automatically registered to hunt for $10,000. This year, a treasure chest will be planted right here in Texas. This is the first time they’ve had an extra prize buried in a specific state.

Brain Chase explains, “This summer, we’re offering two programs simultaneously, with the same video, the same electives, the same start and end dates, etc. The only difference is that the hidden clues in each video set lead to a different treasure location (one lies hidden somewhere on the planet, while the other is buried somewhere in the Lone Star State).”

If you’re interested in joining in on the seven-week game starting June 19th in Texas, register here for $69.