Woman Gives Birth on a Southwest Flight

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On a Southwest Airlines flight from Orlando to Philadelphia on Sunday afternoon, the flight crew had to adapt to a very unusual situation when a passenger gave birth on the plane!

Obviously, the plane needed to land as soon as possible to get the mother and baby the medical attention they needed, but landing a big airliner isn’t a quick task. Before they could land in their diverted destination of Charleston, the plane suddenly gained one extra passenger. wrote that Southwest spokesperson Melissa Ford stated, “Medical personnel onboard assisted with the delivery. Emergency medical technicians met the flight upon landing and transported the parents and baby to an area hospital.”

Reporter Izzy Gould happened to be one of the 132 people on the plane. He uploaded a video to Twitter where one can hear the baby’s first cries.

There’s currently no official word on the health of the mother and baby, but if the calm situation seen in the Twitter video is any indication, things went rather well despite the circumstances. It almost looked like nothing eventful had taken place at all and the cries were from an older baby who simply wanted the trip to come to an end.