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Woman Loses Her Dog and Finds Out It Was Adopted Out to New Family

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Christine Bockin’s beloved one-year-old black lab named Mila wandered from her home without her collar. A Good Samaritan picked up the pup found in Harker Heights and gave her to a no-kill shelter about 45 minutes away in Georgetown. Unfortunately, Bockin was unable to locate her dog before she was adopted out by the Humane Society, and even though she was only a day late from finding her pooch, Mila’s new adoptive family will not return her.

Erica Miller, Director of Communications for the Austin Humane Society told KVUE, “They said no, they were not interested. And they were very adamant that we stopped contacting them at this point.”

News of this story has spread throughout the country with reporters asking for public opinion. Many people feel that the dog should be returned to her original owner. Karyn Patton commented on 10NEWS WTSP’s Facebook post saying, “They should think about the dog ir had a family attachment to it’s ORIGINAL OWNER. I know how much my dog LOVES my family & if this happened it would be devastating to not only us but him. That poor family so upset by this.”

The Humane Society urges everyone to get their pet microchipped with their information as soon as possible to prevent future heartbreak and confusion.