The World’s First Pet-friendly Movie Theater Just Opened in Texas

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Are you interested in taking a special, dog-obsessed someone out on a fun and different date? Or do you ever want to go catch a movie at the theater but lament leaving your four-legged best friend at home all alone? Well, if you live in the Plano area, these universal pet parent problems might be a thing of the past. K9 Cinemas, the world’s first dog-friendly movie theater, recently opened in Plano, and it’s been a success, garnering the attention of major media outlets for its unconventional answer to the “where to go on date night?” query for pet lovers.

K9 Cinemas Located in Plano, Texas

The World's First Pet-friendly Movie Theater Just Opened in Texas

Photo: Facebook/K9 Cinemas

K9 Cinemas is the brainchild of Erik Lankford, a pet lover who was searching for ways to spend time relaxing with his pets. Opened in December of 2018, K9 Cinemas shows older movies (typically dog-themed). With each adult ticket purchased, one pooch is allowed in for free. For each additional doggie, a special animal ticket must be purchased. Along with the price of your ticket, complimentary wine and whiskey are served (no word on what special drinks the dogs are offered). In addition to the free beverages, customers may also order concessions ahead online, thereby skipping that annoying theater snack bar line, and your movie snacks will be hot, buttered, and ready for you when you arrive!

Seeking Franchise Opportunities

The World's First Pet-friendly Movie Theater Just Opened in Texas


Lankford is currently seeking franchise opportunities—so there’s a chance that K9 Cinemas might be coming to your hometown soon! Billed as the “World’s First Dog-Friendly Movie Theater,” K9 Cinemas asks interested movie patrons to see if they can round-up 1,000 people in their hometown to each pledge $100 toward the project. This amount is (apparently) enough to secure a K9 Cinemas franchise in your own hometown!

Venues and Activities That Cater to Pets Are the Future

The World's First Pet-friendly Movie Theater Just Opened in Texas


With more and more people looking for new and different ways to spend time with their pets, venues that are not only pet-friendly but that actively cater to pets are surely the wave of the future. Perhaps you’ll find a K9 Cinemas in your area sooner rather than later. To learn more about K9 Cinemas, including their newest “Surprise Screening” promotion, visit their website or follow them on Facebook.