‘World’s Largest Barbecue Pit’ Drove to Galveston for the Holiday

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Tony Maples Photography


“The Undisputable Cuz” is an impressive 18-wheeler topped with a 75-foot-long barbecue pit. The Pit Boss Belt website says that it weighs about 103,000 pounds and can cook about 30 times more meat than the average smoker. These attributes made it the perfect Thanksgiving guest to a charitable gathering in Galveston to feed those in need of a delicious Texas barbecue meal.

The Salvation Army Galveston posted a video on YouTube of the truck rolling along I-45 through holiday traffic to reach the island in time to serve about 1200 people. “The guys from Dunn Heat Exchange drive this thing like it’s a Volkswagen!” joked the Salvation Army Galveston on their Facebook page.

One thousand visited the truck in person, and according to UPI, the barbecue meals were also “delivered to about 200 ‘shut-ins’ around the county.”

Volunteers came to man the barbecues that lined the top of “The Undisputable Cuz” where they smoked hams and turkeys. It was the first time the Salvation Army Galveston hosted their Thanksgiving Celebration, and they hope to make it a tradition in the future. The event included a bounce house for the kids, lively music and a festive feeling of appreciation and thankfulness.