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Attend the Worthwich School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Events

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Love Harry Potter? Worthwich School of Witchcraft and Wizardry brings the wizarding world to life with its getaways and other various events. Even if you have only an afternoon, you can submerge yourself in wizard lore with a class. Be sure to keep up with the latest events from the school. Since owls cannot be used (due to working hour restrictions on magical creatures), owlmail has been replaced with email.

What Is the Worthwich School?

A diploma from Worthwich School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Photo: Facebook/Worthwich School

Worthwich School brings together Harry Potter fans in a fan-created replication of the wizarding world. The school hosts numerous events throughout the year, but perhaps the most popular and well-known is its three-day retreat. Though the retreat has passed, the school still has many other events coming up in the near future for students of the school and other potential wizards and witches who never got their Hogwarts letters at age 11.

Previous Events

The Worthwich School quidditch tournament

Photo: Facebook/Worthwich School

In October, this organization hosted a three-day adults-only weekend, where those 21 and up could take wizarding classes such as care of magical creatures (owls) and other potions. During the weekend, the school held a quidditch tournament for the more athletic sort at the school. Wand making events bring the fun of Worthwich to your area. Many wand creating events have been held throughout Austin.

Upcoming Events

Austin Yule Ball for Worthwich School

Photo: Facebook/Worthwich School – Worthwich Yule Ball

Wand making classes and trivia nights continue to appear on the upcoming calendar for the school. But perhaps the biggest upcoming event is the Yule Ball in Austin. This formal affair brings together students of the school and those visiting for a fun-filled night of magic. Two events will allow families and adults to have their separate celebrations at different times of the night. Grab your wizarding robes and buy tickets now because they will likely sell out quickly.