YouTube to Introduce a $35 Cable TV Service for the Web

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YouTube is joining the “skinny bundle” TV trend by launching YouTube TV. Like Sony PlayStation Vue and DirectTV Now, customers will be able to stream participating cable channels on their mobile devices and computers. With YouTube TV’s program, any device with Chromecast can stream 40 channels and YouTube Red while recording unlimited shows on a cloud-based DVR for only $35 a month.

Forbes writes that YouTube TV will have “Fox, ABC, CBS and NBC, regional sports networks and a few dozen cable channels such as ESPN and Fox News” available, but MTV, HBO, CNN and AMC are not signed on as YouTube TV channels (yet).

Even though the selection doesn’t seem as varied as DirecTV Now, Google/YouTube is offering customers a nifty search and recommendation system that will help TV viewers find the shows they want to watch.

The YouTube TV service isn’t ready just yet, but they’re hoping to create some buzz before it’s released this year. Wired points out that since YouTube is the go-to site for video content on the internet where people all over the world watch over a billion of hours of content each day, it shows that “a la carte viewing is the inevitable future of television.”