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$1 Million Winning Texas Lottery Powerball Ticket Sold in Houston

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In a good news story, a $1 million winning Powerball ticket was sold to someone in Houston, Texas, who could soon be seeing some better luck following the impacts of Hurricane Harvey. The ticket was drawn for this past Saturday night’s Powerball game (September 2, 2017) and has been identified by the Texas Lottery as having been sold to a Houstonian.

$1 Million Winning Texas Lottery Powerball Ticket Sold in Houston

Photo: Facebook/Star Stop Food Marts

Purchased at a Kroger grocery store located on Kirby Drive in the Bayou City, the winning numbers were 6-21-41-52-62 and Powerball 26, with the winning ticket having all five of the five numbers correct. Following the horrendous Houston flooding that has resulted from Hurricane Harvey, not to mention the displacement of thousands of people, it’s good to hear that someone in that vicinity will suddenly be counting their lucky stars!

$1 Million Winning Texas Lottery Powerball Ticket Sold in Houston

Photo: Facebook/Gregory Higgins

In some areas of Southeast Texas, 48 inches of rainfall occurred, in a place with an annual average of 49.77 inches. Over 30,000 people have been left without a home temporarily, and forced to seek alternate accommodations. Thousands have stayed in emergency shelters, 9,000 have been accommodated at the City of Houston’s convention center, and much more have found space at private homes and businesses. According to a report by the BBC, many “…are low income and don’t have the means to just up and go.” Well, now we know that at least one individual will now be able to do so thanks to the Texas Lottery. May their new-found wealth bring them peace of mind and the ability to move forward in the midst of everything around them. For more information regarding the Powerball drawing details, visit the Texas Lottery link provided here.



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