10-7 Outdoors: Philanthropy From the Heart Honoring Fallen Officers & Their Families

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Giving of yourself to make someone else’s life better feels good, there’s no denying that fact. But, some charitable initiatives can have a greater impact on kids, in particular, than you may think. There are people developing value-driven opportunities to help children that have experienced a tremendous loss to continue to grow and develop deep roots in family, community, and life, and they’re located right here in the Lone Star State. A fine example of this is 10-7 Outdoors: a group of full-time police officers from North Texas who honor officers having fallen in the line of duty by mentoring the officer’s child or children through hunting and fishing trips. A registered a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, this group is so much more than a charity number and a name (which appropriately references law enforcement code for “out of service”). It’s a mindset combined with a way of being that’s enveloping the kids it cares for with good sportsmanship, powerful ethics, and genuine love.

10-7 Outdoors: Philanthropy from the Heart Honoring Fallen Officers & Their Families
Photo: 10-7 Outdoors

The founding members of this group are all full-time law enforcement officers who were raised to hunt and fish. They have also all, sadly, been affected by the loss of a co-worker and friend in the line of duty. They wanted to find a way to give back to their communities that combined their love of their jobs with their outside interests. And so, in 2014, they came up with a plan to provide great outdoor experiences for the children of officers who were killed in the line of duty, honoring their parents and their values, while also teaching the kids fish and game management, hunting ethics and techniques, firearm safety, and many more valuable topics. Their goal is to maintain the memory of the parent for that child, while devoting time to them, continuing to support, and help guide them through a rough time in their lives via mentorship.

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