10 Most Beautiful Places in Texas Video Goes Viral for Country Living

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There are so many beautiful places in the great state of Texas that there’s just no possible way to narrow them down. But for the sake of simple acknowledgment, and a shout-out to Texas, Country Living Magazine has attempted to do just that. In a post on their Facebook page, the magazine has included a video highlighting what they feel are the 10 most beautiful places in Texas.

Including a range of sites from across Texas as well as north to south, from the Panhandle to the Gulf, Country Living Magazine gave the 45-second video nod to its Texas fans with quick footage of each location, its name, and upbeat background music accompaniment. Of course, parts of the Texas Hill Country made the list, although we feel it’s possible to fill this list from our region alone, 10 times over! But it was nice to be recognized, and one can’t be too greedy.

Willow City Loop, Garner State Park, and San Antonio’s River Walk all made the cut in this great reminder of just how truly lovely the Lone Star State really is. Country Living Magazine recognizes that everyone’s got their own concept of what’s country and what’s not, and that their readers have their own appreciation for certain parts of America. Focusing on Texas was a great way to reach out to their readership and you could tell it struck a chord! So far, the video’s been viewed more than 2,000,000 times! Over 40,000 shares and 13,000 reactions have made it quite a hit. But was there ever really a question?! It’s Texas!