10 Breathtaking Photos of Big Bend National Park

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Big Bend National Park is an incredible site that we’re lucky to call Texas. As this year marks 100 years of the National Park Service, let’s celebrate one of our favorite natural wonders with some spectacular photos.

10. Big Bend at dawn

There are few places in the world that compare to the sunrises that peak over Big Bend every morning.

9. Desert snow

Anything can happen at the park, like this magical snowfall.

8. The South Rim

In its quiet glory, when the day is clear, you can see well into Mexico from the top of the South Rim.

7. Santa Elena Canyon

With the Rio Grande cutting through it, this is one of the most incredible spots in the park.

6. Dusk at the park

Even though the park is massive, bigger than the state of Rhode Island, Big Bend is rarely visited in comparison to other huge national parks.

5. The moon setting

It’s rare to see a moonset in the sky, but with Big Bend’s zero light pollution, all sorts of sights are possible.

4. Is this Jurassic Park?

When the weather is less than ideal, the park takes on a Jurassic Park feel.

3. How small we are

It’s easy to forget how massive the structures inside Big Bend actually are until you see a person sitting at an overlook.

2. The desert landscape

Big Bend isn’t always green, however. In the dog days of summer, it looks more like a desert than ever.

1. The camping trip of a lifetime

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