10 Things Texans are Tired of Explaining to Everybody

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Texans may have written the book on hospitality, but that doesn’t mean we have unlimited patience when it comes to explaining our ways to those on the outside looking in. We love you, dear foreigners, but let’s cut to the chase. So, to help us both, here are the answers to the all the questions we already know you are going to ask.

1. Dallas and Ft. Worth are further apart than people think.

map, Dallas, Fort Worth

Photo: Flickr/Payton Chung

Unlike the Twin-Cities, Dallas and Fort Worth are actually two separate cities. Booking a stay in one won’t mean walking distance to the other.

2. When Texans say “Don’t mess with Texas”, we are quite serious about it.

Don't Mess with Texas

Photo: Flickr/Jenny

Seriously, though…just don’t. “Don’t Mess With Texas,” DMWT for short, is a long-running anti-litter campaign that began in the 80’s. It successfully reduced trash on Texas highways by 72%

3. We don’t, in actual point of fact, ride horses to school, and we don’t all drive pickups.

horse, Texas

Photo: Flickr/Mallice

If you just simply can’t help yourself (and who could), you’re more than welcome to poke fun at our mass transit systems.

4. We use “y’all” because it sounds a heck of a lot better than “you guys.”

y'all, south, Texas Texans

Photo: Flickr/Gregory Morris

Admit it, you know you agree. It just sounds better.

5. Believe it or not, not everyone in Texas is a Cowboys fan.

Dallas Cowboys, Texas

Photo: Flickr/Ray Bouknight

In fact, a large majority of Texans who live in Houston actually prefer the team from, well…Houston.

6. Not every Texan is in the oil business.

oil rig, Texas

Photo: Flickr/Linda Flores

We may have, at one time, been too dependent on oil, but only in the same way that Massachusetts used to be overly dependent on whaling.

7. Not every bar is a country-western dance hall.

Texas dance hall, music, country, Texas
Photo: Flickr/Jonas Lamis

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