10 Ways to (NOT) Make a Texan Mad

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Texas is a legendary and enigmatic state, with a history as unique as modern-day life in the Lone Star State. Texans are among the friendliest in the world; however, that doesn’t mean that we smile through all those stereotypes about us. Prevent yourself from two-stepping right into those false ideas about Texans and our wonderful state with these top 10 ways to avoid making a Texan mad!

1. Barbecue is NOT Better in Your State

Barbecue surf and turf

Photo: Dungan

It just isn’t, sorry not sorry. Our barbecue is a serious business here with competitions, fairs, festivals, and charity fundraisers built around the amazing deliciousness of our barbecue. Wood smoke, dry rub, and secret recipes make up the heart of Texas barbecue. Brisket is a food group here…you’re welcome.

2. Texas is a Massive, Diverse State

Texas state map

Photo: Facebook/Texas Map

“People don’t realize how massive Texas is, so when they see one small area, they assume the whole state is the same. That is simply not the case. West Texas looks drastically different than East Texas and the southern parts of Texas all look different than those two as well as each other,” as described on Rant Places. From the Gulf Coast to the Hill Country and the Plains of the Panhandle, Texas is so large that we have very diverse ecosystems and environments.

3. Always, Always Hold the Door for the Person Behind You

Rustic welcome sign

Photo: Fabbri

Texans are quite friendly, and one of our biggest pet peeves is when someone doesn’t hold the door (so it’s slammed right in one’s face)! This is not a tradition is most Northern states, but we know all about Southern hospitality here. It is a gesture of politeness, of welcoming another, and of kindness.

4. Don’t Go Giving Us “That” Look When We Say Y’all!

Y'all necklace in Texas state outline
Photo: Facebook/Y’all Had Me at Texas

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