10 Ways to Instantly Spot a Tourist in Texas

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Texas is rich in history and tradition. Some may seem odd and others even more odd, but nevertheless they are what make Texas unique. Natives are loyal and we can spot a tourist a mile away. Want to blend in? Avoid making any of these novice mistakes.

1. If they haven’t packed for every conceivable type of weather outcome, they are probably a tourist. 

weather | tourist


Yes the weather is wacky – layer up and deal.

2. If they order unsweetened tea, they are probably a tourist.

sweat tea | tourist


It’s called sweet tea – Learn it. Drink it.

3. If the very first place they want to go in Texas is Austin, then they are probably a tourist.

Austin, Texas |Tourist


Austin is weird, but it has its merits. However, there is SO much more to Texas.

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4. They are most likely a tourist if the best joke they can come up with is, “So, do you ride your horse to work?”

horseback riding | tourist


Don’t judge what you do not understand, my friend.

5. They’re most likely not from Texas if they use the words “you guys” together in a sentence.

y'all | tourist

It’s really not that complicated, y’all.

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