10-Year-Old Saved Herself and Her Sister from a Major Fire

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It may seem like elementary school kids get too excited from a break in their schedule to absorb anything an officer says in a special assembly, but 10-year-old Alyssa Rushing remembered everything she was taught about surviving a house fire by a fireman who visited her school.

Alyssa and her 6-year-old sister were staying with their father and stepmother when a fire broke out during the night. Even though she was terrified, Alyssa was able to lead her sister and herself to safety. She bravely spoke to KLTV to tell her story.

“’I said ‘Kalia! Come on Kalia!’ and she said ‘I can’t see. How I going to get out?’ I said ‘Feel the walls.’ I got her shoes on, I got my shoes on, we just left to go outside and we yelled ‘Help! Help! Help!’” she told the news. They had to crawl below the smoke to get to safety, but their parents did not survive the tragedy.

“Everybody liked him,” Alyssa said about her late father. Her mother is comforting Alyssa and Kalia as they process the gravity of the incident, and she’s also very proud that her daughter was able to keep such a level head during a crisis.

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