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After 10 Years of Building, Austin Central Library Needs $5M More

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Good things come to those who wait. In 2006, Austin residents voted to build a new public library that would cost around $125 million. Now, the project is asking city council for $5 million more to reach that initial price tag. KXAN writes that even though they’re asking for more money, it will not come from tax payers, it will come from money that’s been set aside.

What’s taking the project so long to come to completion? “We’ve encountered everything a construction project encounters… bad weather delays, hidden conditions, design errors, contractor mistakes. I think if you’ve ever renovated a house or built one this is all very familiar to you so it’s just the common challenges to a construction project that we’ve encountered,” facility manager John Gillum told KXAN.

Also, the project is much larger than just a standard library. It’s going to be a six-story tall Central Library with greenbelt improvements surrounding it, but since the project was supposed to be done years ago, people are growing impatient.

The Austin Monitor notes that even once the building is done in 2017, it will take some time to move all of the books over and get everything organized and in place for the public to visit. It seems like Austinites will have to be patient even as the city rapidly changes around them.